Thomas J. McGarry, DDS

“Since the inception of Medallion Dental Laboratory, the team has been expert at combining incredible artistry with the most advanced technologies available. This combination of talent and knowledge has provided me with outstanding solutions for my most challenging prosthodontic patients for over 20 years with total consistency. t is always a pleasure to work with Mike, Jodie and the team!”

— Thomas J. McGarry, DDS; Oklahoma City, OK


An extensive survey of North American dentists conducted by WJR, an independent consultant, candidly evaluated our quality, service, turnaround time and fees. We were compared to numerous labs across the nation and were awarded the prestigious rating of Exceptional.

“I checked references on Medallion Dental Lab … After comparing the lab to my statistical database of 27,672 North American lab evaluations, this lab clearly stands out as one of the best.”
— Warren J. Rosaluk, Consultant

At Medallion Dental Lab, the most important test is making the grade with our clients:

Thomas J. McGarry, DDS “Medallion has been providing our practice with high quality dental restorations for over 20 years. We are able to provide our patients with excellent results because of Mike and his fantastic staff. As a practice with both an experienced and new doctor, Medallion allows us to be our very best! Medallion’s attention to detail, great customer service, quick turnaround times, and beautiful restorations is why we use them time and time again.”
— Dr’s. Rob and Andrew Herwig, DDS; KS

“For many years, I have comfortably relied on Mike Finley and this incredibly talented team at Medallion Dental Lab for superior quality, on time delivery, and outstanding customer service. If you are seeking the highest quality of work for a reasonable fee, look no further.”
— Dr. Craig Reese, D.D.S., Head of Department, Awali Hospital Dental Clinic; Awali, Kingdom of Bahrain

“The best quality, turnaround and service at the best prices. Every way you measure Medallion, they are the best, world-class.”
— Dr. Roscoe Scott, KS